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Scholarship Facts
1992 - Funds began to be received.

Summer - 1994
Scholarship First Announced with first recipient named in 1995.
1997 - Scholarship named after Sarah Owen Etheridge of Sandersville
2000 - An official agreement was made between CBF Foundation and BWIM/GA for investment of the scholarship funds.

Other notable events in BWIM/GA History
1984 - First Church Woman of the Year Award given

Monday, November 11, 1985
Georgia Baptist Women in Ministry was formally organized at Jekyll Island, Georgia, during a lunch meeting at FBC Brunswick.  This was in conjunction with the 164th annual session of the Georgia Baptist Convention.  Subsequent annual meetings were held in conjunction with the GBC.

September 1993
Began process of incorporation as a non-profit organization with the Georgia Secretary of State's office - name: "Southern Baptist Women in Ministry of Georgia, Inc."

August 1995
First Retreat held at Simpsonwood

Spring 1996
Began meeting independently of the Georgia Baptist Convention.  Two meetings, a Fall Retreat and a Spring Meeting, were instituted annually.

January 1997
Officially changed organization's name from "Southern Baptist Women in
Ministry of Georgia, Inc." to "Baptist Women in Ministry of Georgia, Inc" (this change was not registered with the secretary of state's office).

End of 2000
Name Change from Southern Baptist Women In Ministry of Georgia, Inc. to
Baptist Women In Ministry of Georgia, Inc. in Secretary of State's office (this was mentioned in some old BWIM/GA files, however, the change did not actually
occur until 2005 - see below).

September 12, 2001
Letter received from J. Robert White, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist
Convention, stating that should anything "untoward" occur during the Fall Retreat, to be held at Norman Park - GBC operated conference center, that the meeting would be shut down immediately.  As a result, the retreat was moved from Norman Park to FBC Morrow.

September 2005
Name change with Secretary of State's office.

BWIM of Georgia Past Presidents
1985-86 Dorothea Gatlin
1986-87 Nancy Sehested
1987-88 Priscilla Tunnell
1998-99 Pearl DuVall
1989-90 Dorothea Gatlin
1990-91 Paula Buford
1991-92 Becky Matheny
1994 Mary Kendrick Moore
1995 Becky Hartzog
1996 Brenda Buckelew
1997-98 Renee Bennett
1998-99  N/A
1999-00 Dorothea Gatlin
2000-01   Ann White Morton
2001-02 Wendy Joyner
2002-03 Carolyn Hale Cubbedge
2003-04 Priscilla Tunnell
2004-05 Rachel Shapard
2005-06 Darlene Flaming
2006-07  Karen Pennings
2007-08 Nikki Hardeman
Renee Bennett
Carrie Veal
Erin Robinson Hall
Lee Sosebee Ritchie
Gwen Brown
LeAnn Gunter Johns