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Baptist Women in Ministry of Georgia

Distinguished Church Woman of the Year Award Recipients

1984   Marguerite Woodruff
1985   Dorothy Pryor
1986   Hazel Grady
1987   Nancy Hastings Sehested
1988   Dorothea Gatlin
1989   Thomasine Owensby
1990   Jean Hendricks
1991   Pearl DuVall
1992   Helen Ruchti
1993   Becky Matheny
1994   Nancy Ammerman
1995   Dianne Fuller
1996   Kate Ellen Gruver
1997   Sue Laird
1998   Alice White
1999   Becky Hartzog
2000   Harriet Tucker Watkins
2001   Sarah Withers
2002   Priscilla Tunnell
2003   Jennifer Britt
2004   Renee Bennett
2005   Joan Godsey
2006   Irene Bennett
2007   Brenda Dedmon
2008   Brenda Buckelew

2009   Carolyn Evans Jones

2010   Ann White Morton

2011   Carolyn Hale Cubbedge

2012   Grace Powell Freeman

2013   Kay Shurden

2014   Susan Broome

2015   Ruth DuCharme